Saturday, Apr 17, 2010

8:15 pm Felix Kubin
Schaubuehne Lindenfels, Ballsaal

Paralektronoia is based on the 2004 WDR radio play of the same name. It is about a young man whose body gradually begins to dissolve due to an intense listening experience in a paraelectronic institution.

Paralektronoia examines the connection between electricity and paranormality. In his lecture performance Felix Kubin presents a subjective range of ideas which pervade reality. He presents interviews, music, extracts of radio plays as well as live sound experiments.

Paralektronoia eliminates the borders between transmitter and receiver, Listen to your inner voices. Your radio is listening, too.

This event was made possible by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK with funds provided by the federal government’s office for culture and media, and by the ministries of culture and art of the federal states.

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