Saturday, Apr 17, 2010

7:00 pm Ipke Starke
Schaubuehne Lindenfels, Ballsaal

I always walk alone – für Arnold Schwarzenegger

I always walk alone – for Arnold Schwarzenegger the firmness of a symbol is most significantly mirrored in the steadiness of hardening muscle training. Constant repetetive mechanics aimes at cultivating the body´s build function as a replacement of movement in the field of self-determined  or collectively induced changes. Expressed in score: consonant attempts lead to dissonant collapses.

Restrisiko I/II

The two fragments of Restrisiko describe the impossibility of a system´s absolute stability. They aim at individual and minimal change, the subtle shift of technical, natural or social state.


The state (Fr. „L´État“) is interested in the manifestation of a state (fr. „l´état“), of a status quo. How can this succeed? The instruction, „do not change anything“, will lead to continuous alteration. The piece L´état pushes this productive paradox one step further by using „fixed media“, the most rigid medium, musically, for this performance.


Interviews are quick encounters for the purpose of entertainment. This composition deals with the process of inquiry, exploring the principle of action and reaction. This brings to mind the observation of measuring devices used in experiments. They measure the poetic potential of mechanical operations – which metereologist is left cold by a rising thermometer?

I always walk alonefür Arnold Schwarzenegger
Violoncello and live electronics, 2003 (ca. 9′)

Tape recording, 1995 (8′)

Restrisiko I
Tape recording, video projection, 1999/2010 (ca. 3′)

Restrisiko II
Tape recording, 1999/2010 (ca. 2′)

Flute and live electronics, 2008 (ca. 15′)

Violoncello: Lin Hui-Chun
Flutes: Irmela Bossler
Electronics: Ipke Starke

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