FRIDAY, APR 16, 2010

7:30 pm Peter Cusack
Sounds From Dangerous Places.
Schaubuehne Lindenfels, Ballsaal

Sounds From Dangerous Places asks the questions, “What elements of the soundscape of a dangerous place are effected, changed, created or destroyed as a result of its ‘dangerousness’? and, “What insights can sound offer into the environmental, social and political contexts of a ‘dangerous place’?”

Such places include the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine; the Caspian Oil Fields near Baku, Azerbaijan; the Munzur River valley in Kurdish Turkey where 19 very controversial dams are planned; Thetford Forest beside USAF air bases in the UK; North Wales in the areas where Chernobyl fallout will effect farming practice for years to come.

Many sound recordings were made at these sites. Photographic and other visual images were taken. Interviews and background research provide textual documents. It is noticeable that environmentally damaged sites can be both sonically and visually compelling, if not beautiful and atmospheric.

The project presents the field recordings as they are, in the belief that such recordings offer insights into the locations and issues that are different from, and complimentary to, those of visual images and texts.

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