Saturday, Apr 17, 2010

10:30 pm Wolfram Sander / Andreas Mihan
SirenSongs – One Man Band Performance.
Schaubuehne Lindenfels, Ballsaal

Mythology meets the looping device: with the singing sirens from Greek mythology SirenSongs explores voice(s) as an infatuating phenomenon and, at the same time, flaming danger.

Everything happens live: the production of sounds, their recording, processing and playback as well as the change of the setting. This One-Man-Band-Performance transforms scenic action into sound and renders acoustic events visually. Using light cues and sound effects Sander modifies space and perception.

This event was made possible by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK with funds provided by the federal government’s office for culture and media, and by the ministries of culture and art of the federal states.

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